A Day in the Life

This is the life!

I’m just sitting here at my laptop soaking up information and knowledge, and I hear out of the corner of my ear, “Oh, I’m all tangled up in these beads. A little help here?!!!”

I look over and this is what I see.



Then later this evening, Abby and Emma find rubber gloves in the kitchen. They are instantly transformed into scientists doing experiments. I was making popcorn for them, so their first experiment (which they called experience) was to see what happens when you pop popcorn.

They were so surprised to see this.




We actually did have a little bit of learning happen. Abby learned how to put gloves on. She was preoccupied the whole time with trying to get her gloves to stay on her hands. I was getting impatient with her for paying so much attention to her floppy gloves while I was trying to take cute pictures of them. When I stopped to examine her gloves, I found that she had them on the wrong hands! We put them on the right hands, and then I instructed her how to put one finger in each hole. She was much happier after that.

Then she made an observation about how solid the butter looked before I put it in the microwave to melt it for their popcorn. So I capitalized on that and said that it wouldn’t look solid for long. Then I showed it to her after it melted and asked her what it looked like now, and she said it looked melted. I gave her the term “liquid”, and she said, “yes, it looks like a liquid”. So we talked about how butter is a solid when it is cold and a liquid when it is hot. Not bad for a totally unplanned Science lesson! And it all started with making popcorn and finding rubber gloves!

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