Eating in Style – Thanks to Our Offspring


Having older children who want to be home with their family is a great blessing. These young people wanted to take a picnic lunch to the park and share it with our whole family. They packed everything. They helped us gather the whole family together.


They are not running off by themselves. They are sticking around, spending time with their parents and their little brothers and sisters.


The littles went and played on the playground.


Gary enjoyed himself.


Patrick enjoyed himself. He didn’t eat the whole time. We just took lots of pictures of him eating for some reason.


On another day, Kelsey made pot pie cupcakes. They were delicious!


She also made homemade chicken and noodles. She took over lots of the cooking while I helped with Grandma’s care.


Kelsey kept asking me about my favorite things in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. Then as the day approached, she started providing those things to the best of her ability.


Like Brownie Pie!


And Chocolate Truffles, rolled in chopped walnut.


And Snow Balls



And Brownie Pie with ice cream and homemade Fudge Sauce. It tasted like the dessert they used to serve at Red Lobster called Fudge Overboard. It was one of my favorite things about eating there. I always used to save room for it.

These grown children who stay home with the family and live their lives with us are such a huge blessing to this mama. I’m so thankful that they choose to serve their family and share their lives with us instead of rushing off and trying to find their own lives with strangers or trying to grow up too soon.

We are all learning and growing together. And eating well!

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