Flat Travelers Return!


We sent two Flat Travelers to Dayton, OH, since that’s where we’re from. Garrett and Fiona made two paper dolls that we downloaded from MakingFriends.com. We sent them to Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. You can find out how to do this here at this website.

They came home with all kinds of fun info about Dayton’s Aviation history, mostly about the Wright Brothers, and other significant parts of Dayton’s history, including the poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, who was from Dayton, OH. The people from the Historical Park made a neat little book and included pictures of our Flat Travelers in it.






Notice our little people included in the photos inside the book!


The twins were very excited about all of the neat materials that the Historical Park sent with their Flat Travelers.

They also read the book, Flat Stanley, to see where the idea of Flat Travelers originated from.

I just checked on this at Amazon and found out that the author has written several other books about Flat Stanley. It seems that he has gone on many more adventures since his original one recorded in the book entitled Flat Stanley. And they teach some geography!

I will have to check out these new adventures!

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