We Are Not of This World

We are in a wrestle.

We are in a storm.

We are in a test.

We are in a waiting period.

We are in a struggle.

We are in a battle.

But we are NOT in the kingdom of this world.

We are not in this world’s system, and we are not subject to its condition. The bad economy is not why we are jobless at this moment. God is letting us wait for a while. He has some things to say to us and to teach us. He is also allowing some struggles to bring things out in us so we can deal with them, and He can deal with them.

We are fighting for our Promised Land. We are realizing that we need to get our sights higher and pray for better things than we were praying for before – bigger blessings, more prosperity – so that we can accomplish more for His kingdom. We are at times wrestling with God. At other times, we are fighting the enemy. Sometimes we are fighting our own flesh. It is difficult to discern which thing we are engaged in sometimes. We don’t know if we are under attack, or wrestling with God or fighting our own flesh. That’s why we need to be praying all the time, and asking the Lord to show us what’s going on. All I know is, we are in a fighting season right now.

Thank you, everyone, who is praying for us. We need lots of strength to keep fighting.

But we are not of this world, and we are not being tossed to and fro because of lack of faith. We are not controlled or limited by what is happening in this world’s economy. This is a God thing all the way. And He is working all things out for our good.

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