The Wee Ones at the Park

Abby and I ride a purple dinosaur!

Abby rides a bee!

Garrett and Fiona sail on a ship!

Abby steps on acorns!

All four wee ones rode on a train!

We thought this train was a regular part of what they offer at the park, but when we got over to it, we found out that it was a reserved train for a birthday party. But they let us ride anyway!
The kids really loved it. I was so grateful to the family that let us crash their party for a train ride!

They probably have no idea how special that was for my kids. They haven’t gotten to do many things like that.

Somebody’s sad that there are only 3 swings.

Did you ever see such a sad face? Don’t worry, it won’t last long.


Garrett and Fiona, meanwhile, are having the time of their lives.

Now Abby gets a chance to swing in a swing that’s just her size.

Emma rides a ladybug!

So ends our day with the wee ones at the park.

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