Warriors In Training!

Trying out some techniques for deflecting punches

Stretching and limbering up for conditioning

Conditioning – wow, that looked painful!

This is Aaron, the sensei.

This young man trains with Aaron, too. As we talked a little bit, I found out that he was from Ohio, too. That’s where I was born and raised. Gary and the kids were born and raised there, too, until we left in 2005. I asked him where in Ohio he was from. He said near Miamisburg. I couldn’t believe it, because that town is really close to the little town that I grew up in. Then he mentioned Germantown and Farmersville. My jaw dropped. I said, “You know about Germantown and Farmersville?” That is the exact school district I went to and graduated from and then taught first grade in. He said, “Yeah, I’m from Farmersville.” I almost ran over and hugged him. He suddenly felt like family! Farmersville and Germantown combined into one school district (Valley View) when I was in First Grade. I taught at Germantown Elem. for 3 years, then at Farmersville Elem. for 2.5 years. He was in First Grade at the time I was teaching there. But he was living in Houston until his 4th grade year. Then he went to live with his dad in Farmersville in 4th grade. He knew many of the kids that I taught in First Grade! Do you believe it’s a coincidence that I met him here in Houston last week training with my sons? I don’t think so. God is up to something. I’m not sure what, but I know He’s up to something.

Now time for some fun stuff!

They got kind of intense at times.

My boys loved it. They came home sweaty and tired, but Aaron took them to a Vietnamese noodle shop afterwards, so they were full and happy. They are getting quite an education from Aaron. What a blessing he has been to our family!

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