Math with Manipulatives

We use math in lots of our daily activities.

And we use math manipulatives in our play and learn math concepts along the way.

I believe that this gives them a good foundation for the work they do in books later on.

Teddy Bear Math

Counting and sorting Teddy Bears

Geometry with Pattern Blocks. The older kids did these.

Math with M&M’s. This activity actually combines language arts and math. M was the letter of the week. So we did lots of M activities. And some of them involved color sorting and counting M&M’s. After they did the math, they got to eat the M&M’s.

Cooking Math

We have done lots of math with cooking. Here they are making Monkey Bread. My kids have learned about fractions from measuring ingredients. At least, they know how to read a fraction and have a pretty good idea of what fractions are.

They had to tear the biscuits into fourths and roll them in the cinnamon sugar. Then they put them in the bundt pan. I spooned some butter mixed with cinnamon and sugar over all the balls in the bundt pan.

Then we baked it and voila! Monkey Bread!

Math can be fun and delicious when you use manipulatives!


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