Preschool in Pajamas

We did the letter M because I found it in the Letter of the Week preschool curriculum I got from Erica at www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com

It turned out to be all about M&Ms. Gary calls Emma “M&M” as a nickname. And I wanted Emma to practice her M’s. And we happened to have a bag of M&Ms, so it was a perfect lesson for us that day.

It looks like Abby’s left-handed here, but she isn’t!

Emma still has a hard time holding a pencil (or crayon) correctly. I just hand it to her with the point the right direction and she automatically puts her fingers in correct position. But when she picks it up herself, she usually holds it incorrectly and has a very difficult time figuring out the correct position. I don’t know why this is, but I’m confident that she will overcome this problem soon and be able to hold it correctly on her own.

Here she is holding it correctly (pretty much) after I handed it to her. Notice her tongue sticking out. Maybe that helps her hold the crayon right!

Sorting M&Ms by color and then eating them by the handful. Her mouth is full here. That’s why her face looks kind of funny.

Here’s what happens when I tell them to smile for a picture.

The lesson included cutting with scissors, which they both showed great improvement in. And they traced the M and m. They loved it. Short and “sweet” and to the point. A great start to our preschool/kindergarten class this year!

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