My Lapbooks

If you would like to see what lapbooks are and see the ones that we have made, you can join Lapbooklessons.com (it’s free to join) and go to my page and become my friend on there. I’m just known as “Penney” there. There’s a slideshow on my page that shows lots of the lapbooks we’ve done.

Lapbooks are lots of fun and very educational – perfect for hands-on learners or for those who like to write. If you have a child who doesn’t like to write anything, find a topic they are very interested in and find a lapbook or make one of your own about it. Then let them research the topic and write about it in interesting shape books created for the lapbook. We did many lapbooks together. Some lapbooks I had one or two kids do since they were more appropriate for their age or fell in their area of interest.

I have links to lapbook sites in the sidebar and some posts here on my blog about our lapbooks under the category “Lapbooks”. That’s under the category “Homeschooling”.

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