Life Can Resume Now – Gary’s Home!

Gary arrived home Wednesday after driving 13 hours from Charleston, South Carolina all the way here to York, Pennsylvania. We had an exciting reunion. Emma came in breathless, yelling “Mommy!” and then she was hardly able to speak, she was so excited. Finally, she caught her breath and said, “Daddy’s home!” I ran out, but the kids all beat me and pinned him in his car. I waited until they all hugged him, which took a while, and finally he came over to me, and we had our romantic reunion. Patrick told Morgan to go in and get his violin and play some romantic music!

Now we have a week to try to find a house in Texas, pack up all our stuff, figure out how we’re going to move all of our stuff, and tie up loose ends here.

We hope to all travel to Texas together, but I don’t know if we’ll really be able to accomplish that. If not, Gary will have to go first, and the rest of us will follow when we get all the details worked out. We may need to recruit my dad to drive a moving truck because we think it will take two moving trucks again. Moving companies are so expensive that we will probably just get Penske trucks and move ourselves.

But first, we have a violin recital to attend! Morgan will participate in his first recital this Monday night. We bought him a tux for it. He is very excited about it.

Gary made sure that the recruiter set his starting date for his next job for June 11, so that he could be home for Morgan’s recital.

Tonight, it’s The Avengers. I think we will all go. I’m not sure Emma and Abby will like it, but we’re going to give it a try.

To add to the fun and excitement, a man from Chick-Fil-A was outside the theater and Garrett and Fiona got to spin a wheel and win coupons for Chick-Fil-A. That’s what they’re holding up in the picture.

We decided not to take Emma and Abby after all. Katie stayed home with them.

*** Late Breaking News ***

Abby is now potty-trained!!! Number one and number two all by herself. She’s still wearing pull-ups, but she’s using them like panties. We will finish out the last bag and then the whole process should be complete. She likes her Little Mermaid undies, so I think we just about have this thing wrapped up.


  1. That’s great to have your hubby back home! yay! my hubby watched The Avengers with a guy friend from church as he knew I wouldn’t enjoy it:)

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