He Can Move a Mountain, He is Mighty to Save

I’ve been listening to Kim Clement a lot lately at kimclement.com.

He has been extra anointed since he really embraced the significance of Israel and how much God is going to do in the actual land of Israel in the End Times. And how God still considers Israel the Apple of His Eye and will defend their right to the Land until the end of this age.

He is gathering together warriors from around the world to bless Israel and to work toward common goals of reaching out to needy people and wounded souls. He is praying for the needs of each person who sends in a prayer request on Facebook on Sunday mornings as he prays in his Garden that God instructed him to dedicate to prayer.

He is a gifted classical pianist and prophetic singer. He prophesies through music and words that the Lord gives him to speak.

He has been singing about “Speak to the mountain and the mountain will be removed”, and as I drove home and heard this song on the radio tonight, I was reminded that all we have to do is speak the Word of God, and our answers are on the way.

We all have mountains in our lives, and God wants to help us overcome them. Specifically, he is speaking to the mountain of debt. If you are having financial challenges right now, remember that nothing is impossible with God, or as Kim often says, “Impossible is nothing!”


  1. p.s. Penney, in answer to your question on my blog about the comments I get, I dont know lol! I think it’s because I blog infrequently that when I do my blog friends seem to come around to visit and then comment:) also, I don’t follow a whole lot of blogs so follow the ones I do (like yours) pretty closely. I’m pretty much like that in real life too, I would rather have a few good close friends than a lot of aquaintances, so this carries over into my blog I think??? not sure though:)

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