Pastels by Twins and Getting Our Family Together Again

After they finished their schoolwork today, the twins wanted to use pastels. It has been a while since they’ve used them. We looked through the Pastel Tutorials on Hodge Podge Mom’s blog and chose the Beach Umbrella picture in honor of our trip to South Carolina last summer when we went to visit Daddy and Patrick.

Gary is still there. He has been there for a year now, and we are very ready for him to come back to us. What began as a 3-month contract has turned into a whole year, but it was only renewed for 3 months at a time every 4 months. We never knew when they might lay him off during the duration of that job. So we didn’t feel that it would be wise to move everyone down there when he might be losing that job at any time. And we didn’t hear the Lord telling us all to move there. Moving a family this size is difficult and expensive. And we’ve moved three times since Abby was born. And she’s only three years old!

The project he was working on appears to be over. It’s not finished, but it’s over. He is looking for another job, has had several interviews and will probably have another job in the next couple of weeks. We are praying about every opportunity and asking God if it’s the one He has for us. So far, the interviews have gone well, but the companies haven’t offered enough money for us to move there. But he had an interview today for a job that looks promising. We may be moving to Sealy, Texas near Houston, if this is the job that God has for Gary. It is only supposed to be for 6 months at a time, but if God wants us there, we will go.

Fiona made a picture of Three Beach Umbrellas based on this lesson on Hodge Podge Mom’s blog – Nana’s pastel lesson.

She was happy with her work. I thought it was beautiful!

We looked at Hodge Podge Mom’s blog again and noticed the dolphin fins that her daughter added. So Fiona decided to add a dolphin fin and a shark fin to her picture.

Garrett needed a little help from me. He had to cover up some things he did that were not what I asked him to do. He stuck with it and ended up with a nice looking picture.

I was proud of them and their persistence and very pleased with the results of their work.

This was a nice way to memorialize our trip to South Carolina, and I pray that Gary will be able to leave South Carolina now and take us all with him to a new place where we can all live together.

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