My Blog Was Hacked! But Now It’s Back!

Somebody did a very mean thing to my blog. They put malware on every single file of my blog. I’m not sure what all that means, but I had to get professional help to get it cleaned off and make my blog safe again. As far as I know, nobody else was infected if they tried to come here. Google blocked my blog and wouldn’t let anybody get into it for several days. It was known as an attack site! My poor little blog – an attack site!

But it’s all clear now, and the group I got to clean it off is still monitoring it for malware. I used Sucuri.net to get it taken care of. They did a good job, because it’s back in action and working fine now.

I did have a little problem after they first cleaned off all the malware. None of my links worked inside my blog. I couldn’t get from one post to another, I couldn’t click on a category and get to it. Nothing was really working. The only page anybody could get to was the home page. Jocelyn Dixon did some work on it, and something she did may have fixed it or Sucuri may have done something. I don’t know, but I’m thankful to have my blog working again!

Today is the first day it has really been fully functional since before Christmas. So I’m back – did ya miss me? I missed you! I’m so glad to have my blog back to work and play with.

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