Help for Planning Holidays that Are Blessing, Not Stressing

I am determined to celebrate this Christmas in a memorable, enjoyable, unstressed way this year. As far as I know, we’ll be in this house through the month of December, so we can do the fun, traditional things we do for Christmas every year, except last year, including Advent readings and candles and making shaped Christmas cookies and lots of other cookies, watching our favorite Christmas movies and reading our favorite Christmas stories. I have a few new things that we’ve never tried before. I went all out and ordered The Advent Book Heirloom Edition from Jack and Kathy Stockman this year – here is their website. I’m hoping it will get here before December 1st.

(If you want to know more about our interrupted Christmas last year, read my posts from December 2010.¬† It’s quite a story!)

I’ve been listening to some audios from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo Fall/Christmas edition to help stir up excitement and ideas for how to make this Christmas season extra special and keep it Christ-centered.

If you need some stirring and ideas, too, get your own ticket for the expo here:


And get access to more speakers and workshops than you’ll be able to get through before Christmas. The price is still very low, and it’s a 2-year set, so it’s a great bargain. Get your ticket now before the price goes up. Right now it’s still $19.97. Believe me, with all the audios and resources included, this is a bargain!

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