Monet’s Bridge Over Water Lilies Craft

I found this idea on Valerie’s blog at The Crafty Classroom. It looked so neat that I had to try it. Fiona loves to paint and do all kinds of crafty things, so I asked her to do it with me.

Valerie shows you how to do it here:


Here’s how Fiona and I did it.

We looked at this picture of Monet’s Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies.

I put the masking tape on our papers. That was not really very easy. I had to cut the masking tape in half because it was too wide. Then I had to make the shape of the bridge.

Then we chose our paint colors and put them on paper plates so we could blend them. We used tempera paint instead of finger paint because that’s what we have. We used card stock like Valerie suggests.


Fiona said this was the best school time she ever had because it was just me and her. She loved it!

We just dabbed the paint on with our fingers. Fiona seemed a little hesitant to stick her fingers in the paint. Is this really allowed?

Mine looked like this while the tape was still on. We had to wait for the paint to dry before we took the tape off.

This is how Fiona’s looked with the tape still on.

When it dried, I took the tape off and voila! Beautiful bridge over water lilies!

I took the tape off of Fiona’s, too. It was hard to do. It took some of the paper off, too, even though we used card stock. But it still looked nice, I thought.

We hung them on the wall. I might get some cheap frames to put them in. I really like them. I’ve loved Monet’s water lilies for years, and I’m happy to finally do art work similar (in a very loose way) to his.

I’m going to get Linnea in Monet’s Garden at the library and have the younger children watch the video and read the book.

The book is written like a scrapbook that shows a trip that Linnea and her elderly friend, Mr. Bloom, take to visit Monet’s house and garden.¬† They see the water lilies and the Japanese bridge that Monet painted many times in his lifetime. Some art history is included in the story, too. This book is a favorite of many who love Monet’s paintings. I enjoyed it when I read it to my older kids years ago.

You can find them at Amazon.

Linnea in Monet’s Garden

Linnea in Monet’s Garden DVD

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