40 Days for Life Fall Campaign 2011

Another 40 Days for Life campaign has come to an end
— and we can look back now at lives FOREVER CHANGED.

During these 40 days, there have been …

… 508 lives saved — that we know of — because of
God’s response to your prayer!

From past campaigns, we expect the number to KEEP
GROWING, as our local campaign leaders get their final
reports in.

– Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life

I have read the daily blog posts and prayed for the ones who are praying in front of abortion clinics and for the clients and for the clinic workers. I’m praying for an end to abortion. A confirmed number of 508 babies were saved this time. These babies and their families are precious in the sight of God. He will bless them for their decision to choose life.

God is doing amazing things in these days. Be encouraged! He is at work all over.

Even in your life.

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