Morgan Tries His Hand at Journalism

Morgan, 10, is at it again! He gets an idea and runs with it. He came to me with a news report that the second floor had quickly cooled down after it started raining, and he said it like a reporter would. That got him thinking. Next thing I knew he was asking for some paper and a pencil. He started writing a newspaper with all the interesting news of the day in it. This is what he came up with.

Then (just like the Mouse with the cookie) that led him to want to make it look more official on the computer. So I told him to have Shawn help him with the columns and placement, since he’s so computer savvy.

This is what they came up with together.

Douglas News Journal Issue 1

If you have trouble seeing that for some reason, here’s the less fancy version of it.

Douglas News Journal

Monday, July 25, 2011 Issue #1

Writer and Editor Morgan “Morgastar” Douglas

Lead Story: Severe heat wave over in second story

Just last night it was up to 98ºF in the second floor of the Douglas house in York, PA. This morning, it dropped to 83ºF. A sudden rainstorm was the cause.

Animals Under Deck!

In wake of the severe heat wave, stuffed animals upstairs have started to molt due to record high temperatures.

The Flowers Are Happy

It finally rained after three weeks resulting in an increase of plant growth. Plant life such as corn, tomatoes, and carrots are growing very nicely. A new tree is growing in the right part of the lawn even after close examination its type remains a mystery.

In Other News
Kelsey ironed a patch on damaged pair of pants without any help!. All systems must be on for shorter times than usual due to extreme heat in upstairs area.


Oh yeah, if you’re wondering why it was 98 degrees in the second floor of our house, our air conditioner quit working while we were in South Carolina last week. The temperatures here were in the 100’s during that week. When we walked upstairs after returning home at 11:00 PM, we thought someone had left the furnace turned on! Lo and behold, the air conditioner had given out and our upstairs became an oven.

So Morgan was writing about how much cooler it became when the temperatures outside cooled down. But it’s still HOT up there. A technician is supposed to be coming soon.

Never a dull moment around here!

I hope you enjoyed Morgan’s first newspaper. He plans to do it every Monday, if he can come up with enough news.

This was all his idea, and I was so proud of him for carrying it out.

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