Family Reunion in South Carolina

We finally got to come to South Carolina to visit Gary and Patrick.

Last week, I was struck with an inner ear infection that gave me vertigo. It made me so sick I thought I was going to have to call 911. If you know me at all, you know I had to be really sick to even consider such a thing. I was planning to drive us all down to South Carolina last Thursday, but I could hardly walk let alone drive. Especially a 10-hour drive! Gary ended up having to fly up to PA, and then he drove us down. The trip took us 12 hours instead of 10. The kids were great. It just takes a while, you know. We ate at Cracker Barrel instead of fast food. Gary was so sweet to do that for me.

And with potty breaks and traffic and everything, we didn’t get to the apartment until after midnight. I prayed the last 2 hours of the trip that Gary would stay awake. All the while, I was falling asleep myself.

But we’re here and having fun being together again. We went to the beach Tuesday. It was a fun, SANDY time. The little ones have been really good. They must have been ready for a vacation.

Last night Gary came in with a bunch of balloons and a box full of Arby’s sandwiches and fries. He looked like a party ready to happen. It was a fun moment. The kids went ballistic when they saw the balloons. (Ballistic and balloons – are those words related?) He had one for each of the five youngest. They were so excited.

We’re planning to go to downtown Charleston tomorrow. Saturday we’ll celebrate Kelsey’s birthday.

We’re so happy to be together again.

We’re praying about where to settle at least for the time being – PA or SC? We still don’t know what He wants. But as soon as we do, we’ll start packing again.

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