Family Portrait

Click on the picture to enlarge so you can really see this and read the names. 🙂
My talented friend, who is the 17 year old daughter of my best friend, drew this picture of our family one day when she was bored. She has a blog for displaying her artwork, but she doesn’t have internet access right now since they moved to the boonies. But she has some nice stuff up there already. I’ve linked to her in my Friends’ blogs. Her blog is Creation of a Penguin’s Imagination. You should check out her work. She’s not only artistically talented – she’s also funny!


  1. Very cute! And I recognized which one was you even before I realized I could make it bigger and see the names! 🙂 Then I recognized Emma and Abbey, but haven’t seen so many videos of the others! 🙂

    Blessings to you and your family! ♥

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