Answer to Prayer!

Here we are all loaded up in our own van for the first time!

Here’s the man who obeyed the Lord and did the hard thing so that we could finally buy a van.

Here we are getting ready to go into one of our favorite eating places where God has given us great favor! Cici’s Pizza in York!

Seeing him happy makes me so happy.

We headed to a park near Gettysburg for a picnic. It’s called Pine Grove Furnace State Park. The pines were majestic. We passed lots of orchards on the way there, too. The countryside was beautiful. We decided we would like to live somewhere like that if the Lord gives us a home in the country.

Here’s the furnace the park was named for. In this huge furnace, they smelted iron ore to produce colonial cast iron products such as wagon wheel iron, fireplace backs, iron kettles and tin plate stoves. The charcoal-fired furnace was deactivated in 1874.

Here’s me with my Cool Gang!

Abby’s Capri Sun Commercial from Penney Douglas on Vimeo.

The big kids took a walk and saw some beautiful scenery. Shawn went back with the camera and took pictures so we could all see it.

Very nice!

Emma and her flower

Katie loved this tree. So did I. We’re not tree huggers, but we do like trees.

I’m happy.

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