Play Date with My Daughter

Fiona came to me while I was cleaning the kitchen and asked me to be her customer. I told her to try to get someone else. I’m not very good at playing. She insisted that I was the only one who could play with her right then. So I dropped everything else and played with her.

She asked me what kind of food I wanted. There were so many choices. At first I said yes to all of them, but then I thought of how much I would be eating. I turned down the hot dog. I ended up ordering fries, a soft drink, a Hershey bar, an ice cream cone and popcorn.

She talked as she worked, explaining to me how to make the different foods so I would know how to do it when she was the customer.

She figured out how to make things more 3-D by making 2 copies and sticking them together.
I was impressed.
This is my soft drink.

This is my ice cream cone.

Isn’t it adorable?

Isn’t she adorable?

This is what inspired me to grab my camera and start taking pictures.

It’s my Hershey bar! She wrote the word “HERSHEYS” on it!

We used to have dark chocolate brown play-doh but the little ones have mixed a lot of colors, so she had to use black. But I thought it turned out great!

I think she enjoyed our play time together.

I must admit, I did, too.

Notice the drips coming off of the ice cream cone. Fiona thought of that. I thought it was brilliant.

We even worked in some Math when I asked her how much I owed her. She assigned a price to each food and I helped her add them up. Then we found the right amount of money, and I gave it to her. She did some counting of the coins.

All of this delicious food for only $0.19!

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