What We’re Reading and Loving Right Now: The Wormling Series

We started reading The Book of the King by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry last week. It’s the first of a series called The Wormling Series.

301591: The Wormling Series, Volumes 1-5 The Wormling Series, Volumes 1-5
By Jerry B. Jenkins & Chris Fabry / Tyndale House

Owen Reeder would describe himself as nothing special, especially since he’s been told that all his life. Perhaps his only ability is to devour books. But one day, a stranger visits his father’s bookstore and suddenly Owen’s ordinary life spirals out of control and right into a world he didn’t even know existed. Believing he has no special gifts, he finds himself about to be forced into a battle that will affect two worlds: His and the unknown world of the Lowlands! Recommended for ages 10 to 14.

I averaged about 8 chapters a day (the chapters are short) and we’re already finished with the first book. Today we started on the second book of the series, The Sword of the Wormling.

We had an interesting little twist today. I have been calling Patrick when I start reading the story since he’s in South Carolina with Gary, and he listens to me read on the phone. Today he didn’t have a phone because they lost it yesterday. So I started the story, knowing I would have to read it all again to Patrick when he found the phone. The other kids were excited to continue the series where we left off.

Well, I got so sleepy while reading that I was going to quit after Chapter 4. The kids didn’t want to quit, so Anna read from there while I snoozed. Fell right over on the couch and slept for a while (even heard myself snore a couple times).

Anna read 4 more chapters. Now I have to read 8 chapters to Patrick tomorrow. (They found the phone tonight, by the way, PTL). But it’s okay, because I need to get caught up, too!

We are really enjoying these books. If you have kids aged 10-14 or older, you might want to check out this series. All of my kids 10 and up, including my 20-year-old are listening.

It’s an allegory of the gospel message and spiritual warfare. We’ve read several allegories, but this one is fresh and original. I think Jerry B. Jenkins is a very good writer, so I was sure this would be good when I saw it at the library. And I have not been disappointed.

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