Generations Will Reap What I Sow

Same song, different pictures:

The last two days I have been reminded of the preciousness of the time I spend with my children. Using it wisely means living in the moment with them. Which can sometimes mean I don’t accomplish the things I planned or get to do what I want to do for myself. Sometimes I have to change my expectations and not even do what I wanted to do for them. Because it’s not what they want or need. It’s just something I wanted!

This parenting thing is tricky! I love my kids so much. But sometimes I push them away and want my space. And they get the message that I only care about them for the school work or chores that they do. Every decision I make counts. It either conveys my love or my selfishness.

How I spend each moment counts. If I want them to know that I love them, I need to be with them. Not just managing or directing them, but experiencing the joy and fun right along with them.

I’ve really been thinking about my attitude as I spend time with my children. What am I sowing for those future generations?

And here are the lyrics:


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