Homeschool Advice From the Kids!

Homeschool Advice book written by kids now available for free download at CurrClick.com: “Homeschooling Advice For Moms From the Real Experts, KIDS!

In March of 2011, in the face of an abundance of homeschooling advice written by adults, Currclick put forth a challenge to homeschoolers far and wide. The challenge seemed simple on the surface – to write an advice column about how to homeschool a child written by the homeschooled children themselves. Many kids stepped up to this challenge and the result of their efforts should be required reading for all homeschool parents! Enjoy and be inspired by the heartfelt, thoughtful, and practical advice penned by these extraordinary homeschoolers.

There are many books written by adults and homeschool veteran parents about homeschooling. But don’t people need to know what kids think? We believe so! In this fantastic, insp iring and informative collection of short stories written by homeschool kids, you’ll find all sorts of amazing homeschool tips and advice from the real experts … the kids!

Click here to download both volumes for free!

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