Do With Me As You Please

David Wilkerson Today
Monday, April 18, 2011
“Do With Me As You Please”

Martin Luther, at the height of all his trials, testified, “Lord, now that you have forgiven me all, do with me as you please.” Luther was convinced that a God who could wipe away all his sins and save his soul could certainly care for his physical body and material needs.

In essence, Luther was saying, “Why should I fear what man can do to me? I serve a God who can cleanse me of my iniquity and bring peace to my soul. It doesn’t matter if everything around me collapses. If my God is able to save me and keep my soul for eternity, why wouldn’t he be able to care for my physical body while I’m on this earth?”

“Oh, Lord, now that I’m pardoned, forgiven and able to stand before you on Judgment Day with exceeding great joy—do with me as you please.”

Brother, sister—rejoice! This present life is not reality. Our reality is eternal life in the presence of our blessed Lord.

So keep the faith! Things are winding down—but we are going up!

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