Kids and Crowns

We are starting to study the Early Church and the Middle Ages. I had bought a Middle Ages kit from Hands and Hearts a while ago, but I didn’t know who to use it with. I was praying and thinking about it, and I suddenly knew I should use it with Kelsey and Fiona. They both love making things. So we got out the CD and saw that the first project was making a crown. The directions are on the disk and all the materials including glue, paint, jewels and cardboard are in the kit. They provide absolutely everything you need!

As Kelsey started working on paper macheing her crown, the little ones came and started clamoring for crowns, too. Abby was first, so I just quickly stapled the pattern Kelsey had used and made a crown for her. I knew the twins and Emma would see her in her little crown and would want crowns,too, so I grabbed some paper and traced a couple more. I cut them out and let them color them. Then we stapled them together and had a photo shoot.

Kelsey’s crown turned out really pretty. She’s happy with it. Kelsey’s also learning to crochet by watching videos on youtube. She made a headband for her Webkinz dinosaur. Here they are modeling their homemade headgear.

Kelsey, the Creative, Crafty one, loves her Webkinz. Can you tell?

Here’s the Beginning Crochet Tutorial that has helped her learn how to crochet without any prior experience:

Some of my other children are crafty, especially my girls. Anna likes to make cards for special occasions.

Here are a few of the cards she has made:

And Fiona loves to cut paper and make pictures and little figures to play with:

And we just started working with pastels, thanks to Tricia at Hodgepodge

Here is a link to the post

about our first attempt at using pastels. They turned out pretty well, if I say so myself.

One more crafty thing: Fiona’s Play-Do food.

I wasn’t even going to contribute to this week’s CM carnival about handicrafts until I remembered Kelsey’s crocheting and Anna’s cards. Now I see that we do lots of crafty things. It’s mostly the kids’ ideas and imaginations and initiation that brings these things about. But that’s all the better!


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