Science for Snowy Days

Garrett is demonstrating how the moon moves around the Earth and the Earth moves around the sun. We got this from here. It’s an extensive lesson plan. I used pages 26 and 31 from the appendix. I may go back and get some more from it.

The planet page that he colored is page 31 from the lesson plans I mentioned above.

We read this book to learn about each planet and see how to color each one. It’s from a Christian viewpoint.

I saw an opportunity for copywork, so I seized the moment! I wrote about the amount of time it takes the moon to go around the Earth being a month, and then had them copy it on our story paper. Then they each drew a picture at the top. Lots of skills being used on one assignment.

They did a good job of copying. Their handwriting is improving, and I was able to help with some problems they were having.

Fiona loved the drawing part!

Garrett is enjoying drawing a lot more than he used to.

We made this booklet last week about Snowflakes. We started it the same day we made our snowflakes. We got it from Enchanted Learning.

As you can see, Fiona enjoyed drawing in the Snowflake booklet, too.

We only made one booklet, and Fiona did most of the copywork, so I will let her keep it in her notebook. But I made sure that Garrett knew the information, too.

I did some kitchen science and made my second batch of bread (ever in my life!) I explained a little about how the yeast works, and now Anna is a bit squeamish about yeast being living organisms and moving around in her bread. Sigh. She likes Science, but she is easily grossed out. She’ll just have to get over it.

She worked on her Science alongside us at the kitchen table. She’s using Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science. She’s studying the Earth’s atmosphere.

The twins and I already studied that from A Child’s Geography by Ann Voskamp. But she’s getting into it in just a little bit more detail. 🙂 She’s studying for a test right now. She had her iPod on, so she could drown out all the noise we were making.

It was a good Science day for us.

We have been enjoying our Science studies during this SNOWY weather we’ve been having.


  1. You’re bread looks really good Penney! What kind is it? I haven’t been able to make any for a long long time, I plan to when we move into our house though-which should be in two days!
    I’m using the same science book Anna is using right now! And I’m also using BJU Biology for science-I really like it. You might be interested in the ICR Podcasts for Anna for science-if she likes science-I listen to them all the time and they’re really informative and interesting but, for those of us with a shorter attention span-they only last 14 minutes!

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