Little Birthday Party for the Littles

We’re all gathered, anxiously awaiting the blowing out of the candles.  Emma gets to go first since she’s the youngest and will probably scream if we let anybody else go first.

We’re singing so sweetly.  Can you tell?

Emma climbs up on the table to blow out her candles.

Now it’s Garrett’s turn.

It looks like Morgan helped him blow out his candles.

Now we’re opening presents.  We use Christmas wrapping paper for these birthdays.  Can you blame us?  Five birthdays occur between Dec. 31 and Jan. 10.  What other wrapping paper would you expect us to use?

Little Birthday Party for the Littles from Penney Douglas on Vimeo.

And, finally, Fiona gets her turn to blow out the candles.  Her cake was the last to get done.  Three cakes is a lot to bake in one day.  Especially when I just decided in the middle of the day that we were going to go ahead and have the birthday party that night!  That’s after taking Nelson to the airport and little ones shopping for presents and returning the rental car. That was one full day. Fortunately,  Katie made the strawberry cake. I only had to bake two cakes. I never used to make cakes at all, because I don’t like cake. But I found some cakes that are worth the eating, and now I’m pretty good at making them.

Did I say I don’t like cake?  Well, I like my cakes.  We have three different cakes that the kids choose between for their birthdays.  Strawberry 7-Up cake, lemon cake that’s a special recipe from a former co-worker of Gary’s, or chocolate pudding cake.  They are all moist and yummy!  So for this birthday, we had all three kinds.  And, of course, I had to try them all to make sure they were good. 🙂

Sometimes I let them choose an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Those are pretty scrumpdillyicious, too.  But we don’t usually get those for the January birthdays.


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