Another Sign that Christmas is Coming


We’re having a white Christmas. Kelsey was dreaming of a white Christmas. And her dream has come true.

We’ve had a nice homey, family Christmas atmosphere in our house.¬† It may not be Christmas anywhere else, but it is here!

This house has so many nice elements that make it cozy and homey. The gas fireplace is a big one. I love looking over and seeing the fire burning in the fireplace. It just makes me feel good and warm and secure.

And the windows are so big and beautiful and let us see the outside while we’re warm and comfy inside.

And now we have snow! It snowed quite a bit one day last week, and the kids went out and threw snowballs at each other.

But today the snow was really good packing snow, and there was lots of it. It snowed almost all day. So they went out and built snowmen.

The little stinker came and threw a snowball at me. I wasn't even wearing a coat. Foul!

Each snowman had its own unique personality.

Kelsey and Morgan named this guy Johnson.

I thought Anna’s looked like Cleopatra.

Fiona’s looked a little bit like her.

I supplied hot chocolate for everyone.

Fiona got in some photography practice using the adorable Abby as her subject.

Don't ask me. Lots of strange things happen around here. And nobody did them!

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