Juice Plus Reduces Upper Respiratory Symptoms



Just in time for the winter season, a new study – conducted by the Charité University Medical Centre in Berlin, Germany and published
in the British Journal of Nutrition –found that healthcare professionals
who took Juice Plus+® over the cold winter months reported 20%
fewer days with moderate or severe upper respiratory symptoms

compared to those receiving placebo.
Over 500 healthcare professionals with direct patient contact – a population considered to be at particular risk of exposure – were recruited for the study. Half were randomly assigned to take Juice Plus+® during the winter months, while the other half received placebo.
Throughout the study, participants documented their upper respiratory symptoms every day and rated the intensity of each as none, light, moderate, or severe. Because the benefits of Juice Plus+® take time to develop, the researchers allowed for an eight-week run-in phase before a six-month comparison period.
During the six-month test period, subjects taking placebo capsules reported having moderate to severe upper respiratory symptoms an average of 9.5 days. Meanwhile, those taking Juice Plus+® reported just 7.6 days – a 20% decrease. Additionally, participants in the Juice Plus+® group did not need to take over-the-counter medications for as many days as those in the placebo group, providing further evidence that their symptoms were not as severe.
“The 20% reduction in moderate to severe symptom days is very meaningful to those of us who go to work even if we’re feeling under the weather,” said Anita Boddie, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Director of Clinical Research for Juice Plus+®.
“You may still succumb to the elements while taking Juice Plus+®, but the symptoms probably won’t be as severe as they would be if you weren’t in such good nutritional status.”

The British Journal of Nutrition is a leading international
peer-reviewed journal covering research on human and clinical
nutrition. You can find the online version of this Juice Plus+®
study at PubMed, a service of the U.S. National Library of
Medicine (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20727236).


We have seen these kind of results in our family. Gary used to have allergies really bad. He used to have breathing problems almost every day. He was always having to take Robitussin DM just to be able to sleep at night. He used to always say he felt like he was drowning. There were many times that he was wheezing. He used to have to take allergy shots every week.

But we started taking Juice Plus about 4 years ago, and we have felt better ever since then. Gary feels good most of the time now. If he does have a flare-up of allergies or an upper respiratory problem, it goes away faster than it used to. He’s one of those people who will go to work even if he’s feeling under the weather, so the “reduction of moderate to severe symptoms” mentioned in the study has been a definite plus for him.

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