For You They Signed (Updated)

For You They Signed

I won this contest!!!!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and voted in the poll. I get to donate a copy of the book to my local library. I’m very excited! I get a copy of “Life of Washington”, “Morning and Evening with Spurgeon” and a book of my choice from Master Books.

So I want to say a big thank you to Master Books and to Lynda Ackert at Christian Home School Hop and to all of you who helped me win!

If you want your children to know the true beliefs and values of the Founding Fathers, then this book is a must for your home library. If you have any doubt that we live in a nation that was founded on Christian principles, then just read some of the quotes in this book by the men who signed our Declaration of Independence. Marilyn Boyer did her homework when she researched this book. It is full of primary source material, including quotes, excerpts from letters and journals, and what their contemporaries said about the Signers.

This book is FULL of history! My family has studied this era of American History pretty thoroughly, but we got an even fuller picture of the risks, the uncertainty, the selflessness and sacrifice of the signers of the Declaration, as well as their admirable character and integrity.

Mrs. Boyer gives a brief synopsis of the life experiences that led each man to the position of leadership that placed the burden of this momentous decision on him.

Through these biographies, we get to know them as husbands and fathers as well as learning about the careers some set aside to do public service for their country. We see the relationships between some of them, and to me that fleshes out and helps me understand what each man was like. Their stories are connected by this pivotal moment in history, and this book helps us to see those connections.

One of my daughters said that it was a lot more interesting to read about the Signers in this book than in a dry textbook. Another daughter said that she had never heard of men like Matthew Thornton unless they happened to be mentioned in a book about Thomas Jefferson. She was glad to be able to learn more about the other men who contributed so much to the founding of our country. My one son said that he feels that it is very important for us to know how our country was started and who started it.

In our reading, we learned that one of the Signers kept his house open at all times to the homeless and fed the poor at his own table. My son was so impressed with Matthew Thornton that he considers him a saint. To learn more about this godly man, you should buy this book!

I even learned where the word “gerrymander” came from. I’ll give you a hint: it’s found on page 42.

The author provides a bio of each Signer, a timeline of their public service, quotes and interesting facts, a picture of each man and his home, and questions for discussion.

The information in the preface and the appendices is important for us to know as Christians as we teach our children the TRUE history of America.

It is difficult to find primary source documents with the words of the Signers in them. Marilyn Boyer has done us a great service in collecting them all in one place.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this book. If you only know what you were told in public school about our country’s history, you NEED to read this book. If you want your children to love history and to appreciate the caliber of the patriotic, Christian men who founded our nation, you will want to read this book to them or have it available for them to read.

If you buy the book, you will get access to a Family Activity Guide online that Marilyn has also written as a companion book. It includes coloring pages for the little ones and much more! You can find out how to get this companion book in the section titled “Suggestions for Using This Book”.

You can buy For You They Signed
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~~I received this book free from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

For those who enjoy a taste of history, here’s the scene from the HBO miniseries “John Adams” that portrays the drama and tension that surrounded the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Penney! Thanks for keeping up on these great resources…and passing the info on to us. This definitely looks like one for the family ‘library!’ 🙂

  2. Penney,

    This is a great review. My family and I love history, and we will be checking out this material. I especially like the fact that it is more than a set of mere dates and places. Understanding who the people are brings one closer to them. Thanks!


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