Marilyn Howshall: A Mentor Who Helps Parents Disciple Their Children

I have adopted a new mentor. Marilyn Howshall knows what she’s talking about. She has a ministry of reconciliation – reconciling people to Jesus by helping them to die to their selfishness and self-centeredness.

She has a student, Barbie Poling, who has also learned wisdom’s way, and I’m learning a lot from her blog here.

She writes a lot on her website that we can learn from. She helps us to start thinking about how we deal with other people and our own attitudes, intentions, and motivations in relationships. She writes about experiences with teaching her children to tell the truth and to always act in love toward the other person.

Marilyn has written several posts about her personal life that are very instructional.

I took this excerpt from a post she wrote on the big picture of her life:

My life is devoted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His ministry of reconciliation by helping people walk in the truth about themselves so they can know the Lord, build whole relationships, become better people, resulting in learning how to love much and well. My lessons began with my own dear husband and precious children.

What makes me sad: Children who fall through the cracks of life for having been on the receiving end of ignorant and self-centered parenting. I’m moved to reach out in love and compassion.

What gets me all fired up sometimes: The church embracing the lie that Christian parents can live self-centered lifestyles and still expect to produce the fruit of Christlike character in their children. I’m moved to make a difference through preaching and teaching.

What I enjoy witnessing the most: Selflessness, and the glory of true righteousness. AND Christians who have been self-righteous, unreal, and unrelational come into the light, practice truth-telling and repentance, and thus experience the miracle of their relationships becoming real.

What I don’t enjoy at all: Being very long with a spiritual-talking person who has “christianized” their life, but who has never learned how to love very much or even very well. I’m moved by grace to forgive their lies, and try them to see if they want reality in Christ.

What makes me saddest of all: Most don’t. “Many are called but few are chosen.” The lost are easier to reach than these.

What makes me gladdest of all: A few do. Some decide to follow Jesus and allow Him to get the glory for their lives! Thank You, Lord!

I believe that we parents need to learn what Marilyn is teaching, so that we can have the quality of life and the kind of family that we all dream of having. Visit her website at Influential Parenting.


  1. Ouch! Can we have an ‘easier’ one tomorrow??? (I am just kidding….at least in my spirit….my flesh says, “NO MORE!”)

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