Pick Your Own Apples and Ride a Camel

I could have sworn I used to have a neck! Isn't this picture hilarious?

We went apple picking at the local orchard today, Eckert’s near Belleville. They’re BIG in Belleville! That’s an inside joke with Heather Peterson. I’ll see if she comes to read my blog. Tee hee.

Anyway, we had lots of fun. Besides picking apples, we got to ride a camel, play in a sandbox and feed farm animals and wild animals by hand. We also got to ride a wagon pulled by a tractor to get to the apple trees.

Morgan riding a camel.
Kelsey's turn to ride the camel.
Kelsey feeding a deer
Down on the Farm!
The llamas were ignoring Kelsey and the pellets she wanted to feed them.
Anna reaching for the really big apples.
My bag's full. We can go now.
Me in another picture?!!! And Gary takes better pictures. He should be the family photographer!

We had a wonderful time. Praise the Lord for cooler weather and a husband who is willing to take his family to places that are fun and educational, even when he would rather do lots of other things.

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