Adam Names the Animals Game Accomplishes Several Purposes

I downloaded this File Folder game, Adam Names the Animals,¬† from Bible Story Printables, because I want the twins to learn to read and have fun while they’re doing it.

Little did I know that it would lead to a unit study on animals. We took a field trip today that ties in with our study of animals. We saw (actually some of us rode) camels. We saw llamas, calves, goats, ponies and chickens (oops, that was the twins being afraid to ride the ponies!)

You can see pictures of these adventures at this post.

Twins playing Adam Names the Animals
Garrett studying a word card to find out which animal to place it on
Placing a word card on the right animal picture
Learning to read in order to play a game. What a novel idea!

The twins are really getting the hang of reading now. They have been working through their Phonics books. They’re in Book C of the Primer for the Explode the Code series. They watched the Leapfrog DVD’s, and they have a good understanding of the way that letters go together to make words.

They have done a few other activities that have ignited their desire to learn to read. Their friend next door has been reading for a few years, and she’s the same age as they are, so that has been a very strong motivating factor. They are progressing well, and I’m proud of them.

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