You Can Be the Woman of Your Husband’s Dreams

A Wife Who Wants to Please Her Husband and God Will Do These Things

1. Respect him. If he is loyal, works hard and is a good-willed man, then he deserves your respect. You may wish for more, but be honest. He does deserve your respect. He’s doing his best according to his understanding of relationships. And he needs respect from you more than anything.

2. Put his needs above your own. Meet his needs. That’s biblical.

3. Pray down blessings on his head even when you feel angry, frustrated or upset that he’s not meeting your needs. Anything that happens to him happens to you. So pray for good things to happen to him!

4. Forgive. Die to yourself. Love unconditionally.

5. Be on his side. Be his cheerleader. Don’t criticize or correct.

6. Speak well of him to your children and to others – and to yourself!

7. Take your unmet needs to the Lord. He is the perfect husband and lover. Cry out to Him. He knows you better than you know yourself. Find contentment in your relationship with God. Ask the Lord to reveal the meaning of the phrase: “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.” Ask the Lord to show you how He feels about you.

8. Don’t act like you’re independent and don’t need him.  Or like you can do things better than he can.  If you take the attitude, “If I want something done right, I have to do it myself”, he’ll let you.

9. Pray for him to learn how to “do relationships” better. Pray that God will send along godly mentors and put teachings in his path that will direct him toward meeting your needs and understanding your needs for affection and security. He will NOT learn it from you.

10. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that he’s not doing anything, and you’re doing everything. Chances are, he really doesn’t see those things that you consider so important and necessary. His priorities are bound to be different from yours. He is not trying to be a deadbeat. He is not actively seeking to neglect you. He may be doing things that in his heart are “just for you” that you are not appreciating at all.

11. Don’t nag. It’s counterproductive.

12.  See him as God’s son and your brother in Christ, not just your husband.  Ask God to help you to have right expectations of him.  Don’t expect him to meet needs that only God can meet.  Don’t make an idol of your husband.

By becoming the woman that God intended us to be, may each of us become the woman of our husbands’ dreams.

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  1. I love how so many on that list had to do with PRAYING for your husband…. it’s hard to be selfish and unloving when you’re praying! 🙂 Great list, & definitely worth striving for! Thanks for sharing!


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