Bunch of Beechick Books That I Believe In

Ruth Beechick Shares the Wisdom Gleaned From Her Many Years of Studying and Teaching

I have read Ruth Beechick’s books for centuries! Now you know how incredibly old I am. Oh, I guess that would make Ruth pretty old, too. Sorry, Ruth. She’s still around, sharing with anyone who will listen her wonderful common sense, simple principles of teaching children. Simple. Basic. Common sense. Natural. Biblical. Those words describe her approach to teaching and learning.

She has written many more books than the ones I’ve showcased here. These are just the ones that I have read personally. I believe that she has a good grasp of the best ways to inspire and encourage children to learn in a non-threatening, non-competitive, natural way. She has been a teacher for more years than many of us have been alive. Sorry again, Mrs. Beechick. But I would really like to encourage new homeschoolers and old homeschoolers to read her books and find out how easy it can be to educate your child at home.

Okay, I think I’m done insulting everybody now. I’ll just make a blanket apology to everyone that I just offended. You’re only as old as you think you are. Think young. Read Ruth Beechick’s books.

Yeah, that really went together well.

Check out these amazing books by Ruth Beechick and tell me what you think.

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

Language Wars

The Three R’s

Adam and His Kin

Genesis: Finding Our Roots


  1. Penney! I read Adam and His Kin for a book study project when I was like 12, I’m just starting Nathan on it tomorrow! What a coinsidence!

  2. We have done and are doing a lot of similar things, aren’t we? Tell your mom I think she has done a great job of homeschooling you! 🙂

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