Feels Good to Hear From My Daddy

This morning I heard the words “right place at the right time” just as I was waking up. Last night I prayed that God would speak to me again the way He did when we were going through our fiery trial. I used to hear phrases and songs all the time when I desperately needed to know that God was with me and that everything was going to be okay. Now we are wondering where we will move to and what will be next for us. The Lord is leading us along from one job to another, one state to another and giving us all kinds of different experiences along the way. We are being changed into His image. I know that He is taking us from glory to glory.

We always have to wait until he brings us to the next destination. Nothing has happened quickly or easily along the way. That is, until it finally breaks open. Then it happens so quickly that it leaves us breathless, trying to pack and move everything within a matter of a couple of days. We are praying that God will send us where He wants us to be. We are also praying that He will send us to the place that will be home to us – a place that we can be established and settled – soon. We only want His will. But He says to come to Him and ask for what we want, so we’re telling Him we would like to be settled soon.

I believe that His words to me this morning meant that He is listening and He has a plan and He will put us in the right place at the right time, and we just need to be patient. Got it. Okay, we’ll wait patiently and with faith and trust that our Daddy has good plans for us. Wherever He sends us next, we know it will be good, and if it’s not home, we’ll continue to wait patiently. After all, this is not really our home. We know that now.

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