The House with the Lower Rent Wins!!!

We got the house that has about the same amount of space we’ve had in our present house, but the rent will be $350 less a month. Praise the Lord! I’m so excited to know where we’ll be moving to. It is the house that looks a lot like this house that we’re moving out of. I posted a picture of it here

We have loved living in this house. It has been a sanctuary for us. We have had some good family times here. We were able to spread out and relax and enjoy different activities without irritating others who wanted to do something else. In Kansas City our house was so small that there was no way we could keep it from looking cluttered. But we have been able to keep this one looking really nice. And our next house might be even better.

And with the money we save each month on rent, we are planning to buy a van so that we can all go places together. Yay! We haven’t all been able to go anywhere together for 2 years now. I can hear the zoo and museums calling us.

Our new house is in a more rural setting than we’ve been in for the last several years, too. We’ve really been praying that God would give us a house in the country and some land, but this will be a nice step in that direction.

I need to get busy making this house as nice as I can for the owners who have been so kind and generous to us. Thank you again to all who prayed for us during this difficult time.


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