Something to Talk About

I love homeschooling. We do it without even trying. Right now we are seeing so much in the news and on ministry websites that are so controversial and unbelievable that we just read, watch, discuss and pray and there’s our homeschool for the day. We discuss things like whether homosexuality is really a sin (duh) and whether socialism is a good system (duh again) and whether people should be allowed to kill babies. We see abortion clinics killing babies even after they’ve been born alive and my children, as young as they are, know that that is wrong. Why are there so many older people that don’t know that that is wrong?

We are establishing a foundation based on the Word of God and His principles. This is something that children who go to public school are not getting there. It’s not allowed to even be spoken of. Nobody is allowed to say anything about the one true God, but they can talk about any other god or religion. No one can judge anybody for anything, except for being a bigoted, radical right-wing extremist Christian. We are now being called the enemy. We are being called terrorists. Things are getting pretty scary. But whatever happens, my kids will know what they believe and why. They have a foundation. They won’t be tossed by every wind of doctrine and every claim of change. They are seeing what people are saying and believing, and they are seeing what happened to other countries that tried the systems that people are accepting now. They’re learning history right along with current events. Each of my children is learning what he is capable of understanding. I’m not testing them on any of this information. But I know they are picking up eternal truths and values that are shaping their views for the future.

I’m so glad I don’t have to send them to public school to be indoctrinated. I can’t believe the kind of thinking that predominates among the generation of people just out of college and in college and high school now. Just look at what they believe. Can you see children turning in their own parents to the authorities because they’re not following the rules? It doesn’t look too far-fetched to me. We need prayer in the homes. It’s sure not going to happen in the schools.

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