God is Still in Control

I want to tell everyone who will listen. Don’t worry. God is in control. No matter what is happening in our economy or our political system or our judicial system, God is not surprised by any of this. And He takes care of those who love Him and who cry out to Him. If you’ve lost your job, and you are running out of money, turn to Him and pray. Ask Him to provide for you. He is your provider, Jehovah Jireh.

He took care of us when we had no income for 4 years. We had 8 children that we had to feed and provide basic care for. We always had everything we needed. We didn’t have lots of stuff, but we found out what really matters. We were changed by our experience. We are no longer spoiled American brats. Maybe God is doing that with you right now – changing you from a spoiled American brat to a child of God who has real care and concern for the poor who will practice true religion when you come through this. One thing you can know for sure – God is with you and He has a plan for all of this and He will take care of you and your children. None of us needs to feel desperate, except for feeling desperate for more of Him. We need to rise up in faith, get His Word for our situation, pray it and believe it and trust Him to take care of every bill, every need, every money situation and every problem that seems insurmountable right now.

It works. I know it does. I lived through losing everything, and I met lots of other people who had lived through it, too. Don’t give up. Just do what you know is right. Turn to the right Source, and I’m not talking about the government or any man. God will provide. Just take Him at His Word, and give Him a chance to show Himself mighty on your behalf.

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