Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 18 – Tadpole Woes

It’s so hard being a tadpole mom.

I went and got big rocks from Aaron – really pretty, colorful rocks from Arizona – thanks, Aaron! I put them in the tadpole tank and one of the tadpoles hung out there all the time. He was the one who got front legs first. He could actually climb up on it.

He was hard to see when he sat on it. Camouflage, you know.

Then I was gone for the day Saturday at a seminar. When I came home, Katie said she could only find 6 of the tadpoles. I told her I needed to change the water anyway. I did, and we found the missing tadpole – dead under the white pebbles.

I put the remaining tadpoles in a small bowl of water while cleaning the tank, and 3 of them looked like they were dead in the water – all sprawled out and stiff – just floating in the water. I panicked! Katie panicked when she looked at them. We got them out as fast as we could.

Guess what? They are full-fledged lung-breathing frogs, and instead of getting bigger, they got smaller!

Three of them have all of their legs, still have a tail, and can’t survive in water anymore. And they are only a centimeter long. They became tiny when they got their front legs.

They are entirely too tiny and squishable for me to feel comfortable trying to take care of them. And I’m not sure what they need to eat.

So we took them to the lake and released them.

I worried about them, because they were so tiny that anything could eat them. They are less than bite-size.

But I would rather give them a fighting chance than to starve them or squish them myself.

Here are the last pictures I got of them before releasing them.


See how squishable he looks?!


See how hard he is to see! Drat that camouflage.


Tiny, squishable and camouflaged. Bad combination.








I took them to the lake after taking these pictures.


These guys are still here. I’m watching for their breathing habits to see when they can no longer be in the water. I only put a little bit of water in the tank and built up the other end with the rocks and beads. Now they have a way to be in the water or out of it, whichever they need. I will be releasing them soon. I can’t deal with such tiny frogs that they can hardly be seen!

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 17

Well, today’s plans went a totally different way than I had — planned.

Last night, I was studying more about metamorphosis, and what the Bible says about it. I thought I would talk to the kids about it today.

Then Emma asked if we could make lily pads to put in the tadpole tank. I didn’t know what she meant at first, but then I thought about the colored foam sheets that we bought at Hobby Lobby. I told her she could make a few, and I set Fiona to the task of helping her make them while I read some chapters of “The Giver” to the big kids.

That kept all of the littles occupied for quite a while. They made about 19 of them. I let them put 3 of them in the tadpole tank. I didn’t want the tadpoles to drown in lily pads.



I still felt pretty energetic after reading to the big kids, and I was thinking about lily pads, so my mind turned to the Nelson Water Gardens, a neat place that I had read about that is nearby. It has little backyard ponds set up with lily pads and fish and fountains and lots of flowers and accessories for gardens.

So I told the younger kids we were going to go see some ponds with lily pads and fish and little ponds, and we were off!


The blue pot behind the kids is a disappearing fountain, which Nelson’s Water Gardens is known for. You can choose your own pot or rock or other structure, and they can turn it into a disappearing fountain. They are very beautiful. The water runs over the outside of the structure then gathers at the bottom and the water is sent back up to the top inside of the pot or whatever and just keeps flowing. And you hear the sound of running water. Very nice!
They make fountains from decorative pots, statues, waterfalls, stones, etc. They even made one out of a garbage can to prove a point!






Their favorite activity of the day: feeding the fish.





Look at those huge lily pads! Those things are real. They are growing out of a submerged pot in the middle of the pond.




There’s a dragonfly on the corner of the metal bench. I couldn’t see what I was taking pictures of because of the bright sun. We were sweating so bad, we felt like we were melting. It was 100 degrees! We had so much fun!!!




Kelsey and the frog she’s standing behind are both wearing their hats backward. If you click on the picture and then click on the magnifying glass, you can see the frog’s hat.





Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 16 – Frogs and Paul McCartney!

I just discovered this song. Maybe the rest of you have always known about this song, but it’s brand new to me, and we love it. “We All Stand Together” by Paul McCartney from 1984. This video is called, “Rupert and the Frog”. I’ve never heard of any of it, but it’s all over YouTube, so obviously lots of other people have known about it for a long time. I listened to it last night, and my littles wanted to watch it over and over again. I turned it on today, and they came running. So here it is for you to enjoy as we envision together what our tadpoles will look and sound like (wouldn’t that be cool!) in a few more weeks.




One of our tadpoles has one front leg! Only one, but nonetheless, it is a FRONT leg. He is becoming a frog! A little bit at a time. I was amazed to see this leg as I was watching them, and I looked for one on the other side, but there was none.

There’s our excitement for the day!

I’m still pondering how to find a big rock and fit it into our aquarium. They are spending lots of time on top of the lettuce, so I think they need something to climb up on out of the water to breathe some air. I’m not sure how the gill to lung transition works.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research about frogs and toads. I found out that there aren’t any Red Frogs in Texas, so I’m still not sure what kind of frogs they will be. But I found a website that lists and shows pictures of all the frogs in Texas and where they can be found. So as they develop, I should be able to figure out what kind of frogs they are.

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 15

My little girls loved this! We all sang it together. I asked them if they wanted me to put it on my blog, and they said yes. Their wish is my command.



Garrett enjoyed looking at and playing with the tadpoles. Four of them have back legs now. The other three have leg nubs.

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 13

I learned a lot from this video.

The spirals on their tummies are their intestines. Why didn’t I think of that?

They like fish food, so I guess I’ll get them some of that.

His tadpoles look like ours, so I guess that ours will become Red Frogs, too.

Okay, I couldn’t resist putting this song on my blog when I’m talking about Tadpoles turning into Frogs.

I have lots of posts about Caterpillars turning into Butterflies from the last two years, and now we have tadpoles, so I simply must post the song “Bullfrogs and Butterflies”.

I love that song. I learned it when I was doing puppets at church a long, long time ago, and I still love the song.

It’s such a perfect fit for what I’m trying to teach my children about Metamorphosis…

Well, here it is:

I took a few pictures today, but there’s nothing really new to report. At least three of the tadpoles have back legs growing, but a couple of them don’t even have leg nubs yet.

I’m figuring out how to set up another aquarium that has land and water together. We will have to get a tall structure or some big rocks and have an area of shallow water in the same place. I don’t want any of them to drown as they change to breathing with lungs!