Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 13

I learned a lot from this video.

The spirals on their tummies are their intestines. Why didn’t I think of that?

They like fish food, so I guess I’ll get them some of that.

His tadpoles look like ours, so I guess that ours will become Red Frogs, too.

Okay, I couldn’t resist putting this song on my blog when I’m talking about Tadpoles turning into Frogs.

I have lots of posts about Caterpillars turning into Butterflies from the last two years, and now we have tadpoles, so I simply must post the song “Bullfrogs and Butterflies”.

I love that song. I learned it when I was doing puppets at church a long, long time ago, and I still love the song.

It’s such a perfect fit for what I’m trying to teach my children about Metamorphosis…

Well, here it is:

I took a few pictures today, but there’s nothing really new to report. At least three of the tadpoles have back legs growing, but a couple of them don’t even have leg nubs yet.

I’m figuring out how to set up another aquarium that has land and water together. We will have to get a tall structure or some big rocks and have an area of shallow water in the same place. I don’t want any of them to drown as they change to breathing with lungs!

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