Safe Haven News for June

Safe Haven Newsletter for June

Dear Friends,

Well, now we’re in the place that I insisted that we were not going to go. We are in Ohio. Where we came from. Full circle, I guess. We got that word when we were holed up in the hotel a few days after we left our house. And now it has come to pass.

My brother has been very kind and hospitable. Fortunately, he has a nice big house with 4 extra bedrooms and 13 acres of beautiful land. 

So I’m still able to spend time out in nature, enjoying God’s Creation.

This is me and Pete! He thinks we’re bosom buddies. He wants me to go out to play with him, but I’m busy tutoring.

My brother’s house could easily be an Airbnb. But this stay is nicer than those seven stays in wonderful Airbnb’s because we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg, and we don’t have to leave by 11:00 AM on a certain day. 

Packing up and driving to the next house, many times in another state, became very wearying. The supply finally ran out, and we prayed about what to do next, and, sure enough, the Lord said to go to Ohio. 

He had been softening my heart about returning to Ohio throughout our two months on the road, so I wasn’t struggling with the idea. I just thought He would open things up for us to find a house in North Carolina or Tennessee. That was why I was so adamant about not going to Ohio. I also didn’t want our older kids who have planted roots in Texas to think that we were moving so far away.

I wouldn’t think of complaining about the two months’ worth of vacation-like stays in houses that were decorated and set up for enjoyment and relaxation. God provided over $11,000 for us during that time! 

So, here we are – where I least expected to end up.

But I’m not complaining about this, either. Gary and the kids are looking for jobs here. Morgan already got hired at a grocery store. At his interview, they told him he’s a dream come true and asked if they could hug him! The other 3 kids might get jobs, too. Update: Garrett is now working for the same grocery store.

Gary has had some promising interviews lately for remote jobs. It would be good if he got a remote job. During the waiting. 


We had a nice visit with Anna and Jose! They had already planned to come to Ohio and we just happened to already be here.

We are still believing for a magnificent turnaround very soon. God is at work behind the scenes. 

Even though the news is scary, God is using many of these things to expose evil and to cause people to rise up and say enough is enough.

Biden tried to give up our national sovereignty, but he wasn’t able to. They still have all of their plans to implement vaccine passports, and they’re trying to start another pandemic – monkeypox of all things! – which they have been planning for a while, but God has solutions for all of this. None of this takes Him by surprise or makes Him worry or wring His hands as He sits on His throne in Heaven.

Food shortages? I know how God has handled things like that in the past. He raised up Joseph to store food ahead of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if God hasn’t already done something like that again, and we just don’t know about it yet. And this stored food is probably healthy, non-GMO food that will actually be good for us. 

We should all hold on to hope and believe for the best. God honors our faith. And our faith honors Him. He absolutely loves our faith. It means so much to Him. Our faith is precious to Him. So, I, for one, will never doubt Him.

He constantly proves His steadfast love and care for us.

I know He is doing great things for you, too. 

Please hit reply and share the great things God has done and is doing for you. I love to hear testimonies of God’s goodness.

~ Homeschool Corner ~

Homeschooling has been difficult during all of this moving around, but we are continuing in our Math books and doing some reading and listening to audiobooks. My twins are now 18, and this is the end of a traditional school year, so we’re basically calling them graduated. They have put in applications at a grocery store, so they may get jobs soon. That’s the route many of my kids have taken. They haven’t wanted a graduation ceremony. They just go straight into a job. My older kids already had jobs before they turned 18. I guess, for us, graduation and getting a job are pretty much the same thing. They have all done very well in their jobs, and it seems that they have finalized their education that way. 

My one son is taking college classes, but the others have not chosen to do that. 

My oldest son and his wife are in ministry to Generation Z and victims of trafficking. They do a podcast and will soon be speaking at churches and other venues. 

I’m blessed to be helping my friend, Jessica Anderson, with her homeschool coaching club membership. I love being able to share with other homeschool moms the things that I’ve learned along the way. I try to use my training and experience as a teacher and tutor, along with the new adjustments and adaptations I learned to make when I started homeschooling to help moms who are just beginning and to lend my reassurance to them that they are doing a great job. 

I was able to meet with 100 homeschool families every year when I lived in Ohio so that I could do their assessments, and I enjoyed it immensely. Now I get to do something like that online, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

If you know a new homeschool mom who could use some support, please send her my way. I love to support and encourage homeschool moms and moms in general.

If she needs a book about the basics of homeschooling, I’ve got one for her!  


And if she needs a book of prayers especially for homeschool moms I’ve got one of those, too!


And this e-course would teach her some great ways to cultivate a love of learning in her children.


I pray blessings and favor on all of you who read this newsletter. 

Grace and Peace,

Penney Douglas, B. S. in Ed

Safe Haven Homeschooling

Mom of 10



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