Let’s Face Facts

Let’s Face Facts

Happy February, Safe Haven Homeschoolers!

How is everyone doing? Are you feeling fine or wondering what’s going to happen next and afraid that we are on the verge of World War 3?

If the latter is your state of mind, I’m not surprised. Everything certainly appears to be heading that way.

Let’s look at the facts:

1. In the US, we have runaway inflation.

2. Mask and v a x mandate protests in Canada and all around the world.

3. It appears that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.

4. China seems like it is going to take over Taiwan.

5. Our “pResident” is making us the laughingstock of the whole world.

6. We all have to pretend that he won the election for some reason.

7. The WEF wants to turn us all into machines or kill us, whichever happens after they put all of their serums in us.

8. There are many side effects of the v a x that are slowly being revealed.

9. Many medical workers and military and other professions have lost jobs because of v a x mandates.

10. The schools are indoctrinating our children and turning them into activists for liberal causes.

All right, that’s enough facts. Of that variety.

Now let’s talk about some encouraging facts and figures:

1. God is still on the throne.

2. All things work together for our good, when we trust Him.

3. All things are possible with God!

4. The mandates are coming down in many countries around the world!

5. The trucker convoys are working, and mandates are being taken down in some parts of Canada.

6. Wisconsin is talking about decertifying the election. So is Arizona. And legislatures in other states are also talking about it.

7. Fauci has been discredited, and nobody’s listening to him anymore. Nobody with any sense, anyway.

8. Parents are learning how to get back control of their schools through making claims against the surety bonds of their school board members. for violating their oath of office. And mask mandates are being dropped in some schools.

9. A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting criminal investigation modeled after Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. Reiner Fuellmich is a good man to follow to find out more about this.

10. People are waking up and realizing that they have been controlled and manipulated by the media, arts and entertainment, Hollywood, education, and the elites, and they are saying “No more!”. This is the Great Awakening!

So, hey, things are not as bad as they appear, are they?

And I have a great list of things you can do in your homeschool to celebrate the great month of February to make things even better.

Here it is!

And I have some more good news to share in my next email about a wonderful retreat that will be more of a REFRESH for all of you hard-working, self-sacrificing mamas. It will be online, so you can come in your pajamas! In fact, that’s what we’re asking you to do the first night.

But more about that later.

For now, I’ll close this facing the facts letter and go look for some more good news to share with you all.

Be watching your email for more information about our upcoming REFRESH for homeschool moms.

Blessings and peace to you and yours,

Safe Haven Homeschooling

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