Gift for Your Favorite Homeschool Mom

For the mom who started homeschooling because of the pandemic, and for those who made the conscious decision that homeschool was the best thing for their family, this is a great book to lay a good foundation for simple, effective, sustainable homeschooling.

Many parents have become homeschoolers unexpectedly and against their will. Nevertheless, they want to do a good job of it. They want to provide the best education for their children in spite of the interruption to their plans and expectations. If you are homeschooling because you are unhappy with the new requirements schools are demanding or have no other option, you can do an excellent job of it and even become a great homeschool parent! It is not that difficult.

Here are 5 steps that will help you become the hero that you want to be in your child’s educational life. In this simple book I have condensed the most essential concepts and practical ideas to give you a smooth transition into homeschooling and to help you avoid the pitfalls that most of us fall into when we start out. I come alongside you as a seasoned homeschool mom of 10 kids with over 25 years of experience who is still in the trenches right along with you.

I’m still homeschooling four at the time of this writing. I have successfully graduated six of my children from homeschooling. I still love homeschooling, and my kids are glad that we chose this path. And I think that’s great! Make your homeschool super, and be a hero to your children by saving them from a dull educational experience and by making it an exciting adventure instead!

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