A Short, Powerful Prayer for Patience with Our Children

This is a prayer for Patience with our Children. It’s from a new book I’m writing called “Short, Powerful Prayers for Busy Homeschool Moms”.

Father, help us to treat our children with love and respect at all times. Help us to understand our children. Help us to parent our children the way You parent us.You are full of mercy and kindness. You are patient with our immaturity and selfishness. You do everything out of love. Help us to be like You when we interact with our children. Help us to put away our own needs and desires and to be gracious and kind when our children disrupt our plans, make messes, and are disobedient. Help us to respond to their needs instead of simply dealing with behavior. Help us to protect their hearts even from our own impatience and anger. Give us hearts of compassion and understanding toward our children. We know that You are working in our hearts through all of these tests and trials. Make us more like You, Lord.

Please say this prayer with me and share it with others who would benefit from it. Let’s pray for our children and pray for our own attitude toward them.

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