What is the Spirit of Homeschooling?

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Why do you homeschool?

  • Do you homeschool your children so that they can have an excellent academic education so they can compete in this world and be successful in the eyes of the world?
  • Or is your reason more along the lines of protecting your children from false teaching and passing on your faith and values to them?
  • Are you most concerned about building a warm, loving, nurturing family?

Is your answer to the question “all of the above”?

Parents homeschool for many different reasons. And they homeschool in many different ways.

And that’s a good thing.

Because every child is different, and every family is different.

But I think the spirit of homeschooling in general is freedom.

    • As homeschoolers, we can do what we think is best for our children and for ourselves as moms, and what is the least stressful for all of us.

Of course, we should pray and find out what God thinks about the way we should homeschool and what we should be sure to cover.

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But always remember that you do not have to run your homeschool like a classroom at school. Homeschooling is more of a tutoring situation than a classroom situation. You are there to support and encourage your children in their learning. You are a facilitator of learning.

Which means you supply the resources, opportunities and framework for the things that they absolutely need to learn – the basics of reading, writing and math – and then support their efforts to learn about the things that interest them.

This freedom is a privilege that few have in the world. So let’s make the most of it.

Let’s give our children the best that the Lord has for them, so that they can be prepared for the calling that God has for their lives.

Photo by Shitota Yuri on Unsplash


And I have one little request.

Make your routine sustainable, enjoyable, and delightful for the whole family. Because I want to see you continue homeschooling as long as the Lord tells you to do it. And you won’t be able to if it’s drudgery or if there is anger and resentment on both sides of the homeschool coin.

Find what works best for you. Try different methods and routines. Ask the Lord to help you figure out your style, how your kids learn best, and all the little details like duration of lessons, type of method(s), and whether to keep grades and other records.

Exercise your freedom, and make your homeschool reflect your values and the way you really want to live your life. Give your kids a stress-free childhood and freedom to learn the things they want to learn.


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