Charlotte Mason Lite

Hi, fellow homeschool moms!

Veterans and newbies alike: come one, come all. If you have been hearing things about the Charlotte Mason Approach that have made you wonder if it’s right for your family, check out this article.

Learn some of the basics of the Charlotte Mason Approach and how to apply them to your homeschool plans. Find out how to take baby steps and just try one thing at a time. Check out the simple ways that I did things in a Charlotte Mason way but didn’t follow a rigid plan or schedule. I just applied the elements of it that I considered the most important and effective.

Find the article here at https://mailchi.mp/5e537925696f/charlottemasonlite?fbclid=IwAR3lhmxxQj91orNDXxkPhTGJcSVjm_iQ7reTWy4Rh9ioCZvISrF7FRlOgDc


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