To Be True to Yourself You Must Be Honest With Yourself

Where your truth departs from reality, it is not truth, no matter how fervently you believe it.

For many people today, there seems to be a confusion between reality and their perception of the way things are or the way they want things to be.

Why are people confused about gender issues, and how can we help them to get a firm understanding of who they truly are?

It’s popular to say, “Be true to yourself”. But are you really being true to yourself if you’re not being honest with yourself?

Personality types, being an introvert or an extrovert, talents and gifts – these are all factors that affect who we really are.

We have to adjust our thinking from a scarcity mentality to abundance mentality.

From adversarial to cooperative mentality. We should help each other. Instead of seeing each other as adversaries, we should be advocates of each other.

We all have free will.

We are responsible for our own actions and our own lives.

Trying to skew things, hiding things, pretending that something that is not true is true is causing mental imbalance in people.

We are all different from each other. We each have to discover who we really are. Based on reality and truth, not on how we wish things were or what we want to be if it’s different from who we really are.


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