Take No Prisoners When Fighting Fear

Fear makes prisoners of us, so let’s be aggressive in our fight against fear.

Make your escape!

Don’t lay down and surrender to fear, anxiety, stress, or problems that appear to be giants. Fight back!

Remember David. With God’s anointing, he killed the giant with one stone.

Remember Elisha and his servant.

You, too, can ask the Lord to open your eyes so you can see that there are more for you than against you.

Think about these things.

If God is for us who can be against us?

Nothing is impossible for God.

Think about this.

Do you really trust God? Be honest with yourself and with God.

How much do you trust Him?

Do you believe the Bible?

As believers in the Most High God, we don’t need to fear the things that the people fear who don’t have hope in God.

How can we fight fear?

Here are a few strategies for aggressively fighting fear – and defeating it.

Where does fear strike us? In our minds, right? So let’s work on our thoughts.

Let me ask you this. What is your first thought when you hear about something that is challenging or scary?

If it is negative or fearful, take that thought captive! Don’t let it make a prisoner of you. Turn the tables, and make it your prisoner.

And then throw it out! Don’t let it occupy real estate in your brain.

Think on good things instead.

Think about how great, powerful, mighty, and loving God is. He is the most powerful being in the universe! And He is on your side. Don’t forget this fact in the midst of the battle against fear.

Fear is a liar! Remember that in the midst of the struggle.

All of those feelings and thoughts and fears that tell you that you are going to lose are just a bunch of lies! The enemy tries to make himself look really big and powerful and scary.

But just think of the wizard of Oz behind the curtain. All that smoke and noise, but just a little ordinary man.

Or the alien dad, Melvin, in Chicken Little, using his big, scary voice to try to scare the earth creatures. When he came out of his huge robot suit, they discovered that he wasn’t even as big as Chicken Little’s dad!

That’s how the devil is. He is a big fake. The only thing he can really do is cause us to fear.

God is way more powerful than the devil.

And God is in control. And He loves us. And He is faithful to take care of us and do what is best for us.

Of course, we have to be on speaking terms with Him. And we can’t let fear or anything else separate us from Him. If the devil has built strongholds in our minds, then we have to destroy those strongholds, because they separate us from God.

And how do we destroy strongholds? We find out how the enemy was able to get in, then we repent, renounce, and come out of agreement with whatever mindset, attitude, behavior, or belief let him get in in the first place.

Let’s replace negative, fearful thoughts with faith-filled, life-giving, thoughts that expect God to fight for us and win.

Put on your spiritual armor and fight the enemy with the Word.

Just like Jesus did. The devil was so arrogant, he thought he could even fool Jesus into obeying him. Jesus wasn’t scared of him. At all. Even though the devil was using scripture, Jesus fought fire with fire. The devil knew the words, but Jesus WAS the Word!

So when you’re tempted to feel afraid, remember Who is on your side. Remember how powerful and loving He is. And relentlessly, brutally beat back fear. And throw it out on its ear!

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  1. Amen! This is exactly what’s on my heart too. This is a good word Penney. Let’s keep leaning on Jesus every day, living in his love, correcting our thoughts, and casting out fears.

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